Articles and interviews following the award of a CBE in the 2012 New Year Honours:

Financial Times article, 31 December 2011

Video Interview with "Your Thurrock" website, January 2012 

Articles and interviews published in September and October:

Interview on Today programme, 6th October 2011

Interview with Sky TV, 5th October 2011

"It is not time for more QE - the MPC should focus on tackling high inflation" - article in City AM, 4th October 2011

"More QE will give us more inflation, not growth" - article in the Financial Times, 27th September 2011

"Is UK monetary policy still good for business?" - Markit Magazine, 26th September 2011

Interview with CNBC, 22nd September 2011

Presentation to Building Materials Federation Members' Day Conference: 20th September 2011 -

Interview with Stephanie Flanders on latest inflation figures, BBC News, 14th September 2011

BBC HARDTalk interview with Stephen Sackur, broadcast on 2nd September 2011

Reuters Insider interview, broadcast on 2nd September 2011

"The world doesn't need more stimulus" - article in the Wall Street Journal, 1st September 2011

Interview with Martha Kearney, World at One, 1st September 2011

MPC speeches and media appearances, Jan-May 2011

During my last five months as a member of the Monetary Policy Committee, I gave six speeches in support of an early tightening of UK monetary policy. These speeches also set out a detailed critique of the majority view on the MPC that has so far opposed any tightening of UK monetary policy despite persistent above-target inflation. Click here for links to these speeches on the Bank of England website.

Click on the links below for access to some other media interviews and coverage from my final months on the MPC:

Interview with Allister Heath, City AM, 2 February 2011

Daily Telegraph article covering my "Selling England by the Pound Speech", 17th February 2011 (accompanying cartoon)

Bloomberg interview with Linda Yueh, 15th April 2011

"Swan song for a hawk" - Stephanie Flanders (BBC) blog covering Manchester speech, 26th April 2011

Interview with David Smith, originally published in Sunday Times, 22nd May 2011

Sky News interview with Jeff Randall, 31st May 2011 (click here for transcript)