In the media - 2012

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Don't ignore the threat of inflation - Sunday Telegraph, 23rd September 2012

Moving the inflation goalposts is dangerous - Daily Mail, 17th December 2012

Autumn Statement measures may help to build confidence - City AM, 6th December 2012

Three challenges await the Governor of the Bank of England - City AM, 27th November 2012

Sunday Telegraph - 18th November 2012: Weak growth and high inflation is the new normal

The Times - No Strong Argument for a Weak Pound. 16th November 2012

City AM - Challenging Times Ahead despite solid GDP growth, 26th October 2012

Sunday Telegraph - 30th September 2012: Easy of the stimulus, Green shoots are emerging

City AM article on Wealth Tax - 10th September 2012

Forget QE, UK needs a better Transport System - Daily Telegraph, 19th August 2012

Articles in Sunday Telegraph, on UK growth and inflation, Sunday 29th July and Sunday 5th August.

Nomination as City AM "Analyst of the Year", 31st July 2012

Article in the Financial Times, "Time for the West to adjust to the new normal", 31st July 2012.

Article in City AM about unreliable GDP figures: "Weak GDP figures won't mean the economy is about to fall off a cliff", 23rd July 2012

"Low growth is now normal. Don't deny it." The Times, July 2012 - click here for a version of this article on my blog.

"To print or not to print?" Debate with Sushil Wadhwani in Independent on Sunday, 8th July 2012

Rockonomics - Andrew Sentance on business, innovation, the economy and rock n' roll. Interview with Peter Cook originally published in US on 23rd June 2012 and reproduced on Peter's Academy of Rock website, 30th July 2012

Financial Times: "Central Bankers must "lean against the wind" on oil prices", 20th March 2012

City AM: Tax reform long overdue - and needed to boost growth 16th March 2012

Fathom Monetary Forum, 8 February 2012: Reuters TV interview and Jeremy Warner article quoting Andrew's views.

Interview with Bloomberg TV, 9 February 2012

Interview on BBC World at One, 9 February 2012