Family background

Andrew Sentance is the (only) son of Bill and Lillian Sentance, who were both born in Grantham in the early 1930s and were married in 1955. They have returned to live in the town in their retirement. Andrew has four sisters - Tricia, Sue, Mary and Rachel - and the  picture to the right shows the family together celebrating Lillian's 80th birthday in April 2011. 

Bill is the youngest of five sons of George Sentance (1895-1972) and Elizabeth Favell (1892-1976), who married in 1915. His wife Lillian was the only child of Lewis Bointon (1880-1959) and Amy Bell (1901-1999), who married in 1929.

George's father was William Sentance (1842-1900) and his grandfather was John Sentance (1794-1852). John's father was William Sentance (1769-1839), the son of Valentine Sentance (1741-1809) and the grandson of Broughton Sentance (b.1708). Broughton was in turn the son of another Valentine (d.1741). Valentine and Broughton are unusual and important names which link our Sentance family back to one of the earliest known Sentance ancestors who lived in Grantham in the 16th century - Christopher Sentance (1559-1616), even though the exact line of descent is uncertain. Click on the links in this paragraph or the buttons above to find out more about these different chapters in our family history.

In my family history research, I have drawn heavily on information supplied by other family members who have carried out research. Particular thanks are due to Jim Sentance, who lives in Canada, and other members of his network of family history researchers.