John Sentance (1794-1852) and Elizabeth Clark (1810-83)

John Sentance was the eldest son of William Sentance (1769-1839). He was born in Bitchfield, Lincolnshire in 1794, and was christened there on 4th May 1794. He married Elizabeth Clark on 1st March 1829 in Sleaford, Lincolnshire. Elizabeth was the daughter of Arthur (1790-1867) and Sarah (1784-1866) Clark (sometimes spelt Clarke). Arthur was born in Aisby, Lincolnshire, and Sarah was born in Sleaford.

John and Elizabeth lived briefly in Sleaford where their first child Mary was born. They then moved to Harlaxton where their remaining nine children were born. John was an agricultural labourer according to the 1841 and 1851 census records. After John died in 1852 (buried – 24 August 1852), Elizabeth continued to live in Harlaxton which is where we find her in the 1861, 1871 and 1881 censuses, living with her son James (and daughter Eliza in 1861). Elizabeth continued to work, and gives her occupation as a nurse in 1861 and a charwoman in 1871 and 1881. Elizabeth died in 1883, aged 73, and was buried on 6 April.

John and Elizabeth had 10 children:

Mary Sentance (1829-1909)

Mary was christened on 23 April 1829 at New Sleaford. She had a son, William, who was born in 1848 (father unknown). She had a very colourful married life. In 1850, she  married William Dawson, who was ordained as a priest in the Mormon Church in February 1851. After William apparently deserted her, Mary married Henry Fox, and after he died, she married John Taylor in 1855. She subsequently married Charles Smith and lived in Sheffield until her death in 1909.

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Sarah Sentance/Scoffins (1831-79)

Sarah Sentance (b.1831) married Thomas Scoffins in 1855 and they had four children – Ann (b. 1856), Elizabeth (1858-93), Emma (1859-64) and John (c.1862-99).  

Ann Sentance (1833-53)

Ann was born in 1833 and was christened in Harlaxton on 28th April 1833. She was living with John and Elizabeth at the time of the 1841 census. By the time of the 1851 census she had left home and was working as a domestic servant for John Love, a farmer in Thorpe Arnold, Leicestershire. (Thorpe Arnold is just outside Melton Mowbray.)

Ann died on 21st February 1853, most likely as a result of complications following the birth of her daughter Jane, who was born on 27th January 1853. Ann died in the Union Workhouse, Spittlegate where her daughter was born. Jane was taken to live with her grandparents John and Elizabeth in Harlaxton, but died on 28th April 1853. The cause of death was given on her death certificate as “Debility from birth”. Jane was buried at Harlaxton on 1st May 1853.

Emma Sentance/Plummer (1835-67)

Emma was born in 1835 and was christened in Harlaxton on 25th October 1835. In both the 1841 and 1851 censuses she is living at home. At the time of the 1861 census she is working as a cook at a school in Sleaford. She married her brother-in-law John William Plummer in 1863. (John William’s sister Caroline was already married to Emma’s younger brother, Arthur.) John William was the son of  Robert and Sarah Plummer, and he was born in Bitchfield – where Emma’s father, John, was also born.

Emma and John William Plummer had one son, Robert, who was born in 1864. Emma died in 1867 (death registered at Grantham, Jun-Sep). John William Plummer re-married in 1868 (to Mary Chapman) and had a large family.

Robert Plummer married Julia Jane Ellis in 1892 (registered in Grantham, Apr-Jun quarter) and they had eight children – Mary (b.1892), Frances (b.1894), Annie (b.1896), Elsie (b.1899), William (b.1899), John (b.1900), Walter (b.1907) and Leonard (b.1909). Mary Plummer married Samuel Wakefield and they had one son, Noel, born 1926. Noel married Jean Lunn. Their son Charles Wakefield married Susan Taylor, and Charles and Susan raised a family of four children in Boston , Lincolnshire in the 1970s.

Arthur Sentance (1838-1919)

Arthur was born on 22nd April 1838 at Harlaxton and married Caroline Elizabeth Plummer, the daughter of Robert and Sarah Plummer. Arthur and Caroline had six children, but only two survived beyond their mid-20s - Emily (b.1864) and Charles Robert (b.1870). Arthur Sentance died in Grantham in 1919, aged 81 (death registered Jul-Sep).

Eliza Sentance (1840-61)

Eliza was born on 13th January 1840 at Harlaxton. She is living with her parents in the 1851 census, and in the 1861 census, Eliza and her younger brother James are the two children still at home with their mother Elizabeth in Harlaxton. Her occupation is given as a “General Servant”. Eliza died on 9th May 1861 of diptheria and she was buried on 11th May 1861. She was just 21 years old.

William Sentance (1842-1900)

William was born on 13th May 1842 at Harlaxton and he married Eliza Marriott on 31st December 1868 in Knipton Parish Church. After Eliza died in 1878, William married his step-daughter, Sarah Marriott, and they subsequently had six children - John William, Herbert, Emily, James Arthur, Frederick and George (my grandfather). Before Eliza died, Sarah had another daughter, Sarah Eliza Marriott, who might also have been fathered by William. William died in early 1900 and Sarah Sentance (nee Marriott) died in early 1915.

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James Sentance (1845-1925)

James Sentance was born on 18th March 1845 at Harlaxton. He lived with his mother Elizabeth, after she was widowed in the 1850s. He married Fanny Jackson, in early 1882, and they had one daughter, Lucy, born in 1882 a few months after they were married. James Sentance died in 1925, aged 79; it is not clear when his wife Fanny died.

Elizabeth Sentance (b.1848)

Elizabeth Sentance was born on 27th February 1848 at Harlaxton and, after a period in domestic service, she married William Dixon in 1876, with whom she had two children – Mary Elizabeth and Joe, aged 18 months. During the early 1880s, William Dixon either died or left the family and Elizabeth married again – to John Marriott, the older brother of William Sentance’s wife Sarah. John and Elizabeth had one daughter, Sarah Ellen Marriott, who was born in Sheffield in early 1884. 

Jane Sentance (b.1850)  

Jane Sentance was born on 2nd September 1850 at Harlaxton and christened two days later. She was 7 months old at the time of the 1851 census. Jane probably died as an infant as she does not appear on subsequent censuses or other records.