Links to people and groups in the world of music who I know/respect:

Academy of Rock - applying rock music to business problems, led by Peter Cook

Britfloyd - Pink Floyd tribute band, featuring university friend Rick Benbow

Crosby, Stills and Nash - iconic West Coast American band

Crowded House - Finn brothers and friends. Best band to emerge since the late 60s/70s "Golden Age"

The Eskys - Bristol-based party band featuring my good friend, Phil Scott

Pink Floyd - You'll find them on the Dark Side of the Moon

Mal Pope - highly talented and entrepreneurial musician based in Swansea; friend from Cambridge days

Carl Sentance - talented rock singer, and namesake

Tim Sentance - my son, a talented jazz saxophonist, keyboard player and all-round musician

Rick Wakeman - virtuoso keyboard player, unique character and sometimes a bit grumpy

Yes - the best "prog rock" band in the universe